Teachertraining ElevatED Level 2 – Michelle Stanek

10/03/2016 – 11/03/2016

An elevatED teacher training is an in-person, 3-day, 20-hour course comprised of lecture, techniques and mock instruction. The program is designed to build your leadership skills, confidence, movement repertoire and knowledge to deliver not just great classes but memorable experiences your students will crave.

elevatED approaches its content from an intellectual standpoint. Each training includes theory about how to be a smart, safe and effective instructor, practical applications of the theories presented throughout the training, and time to practice and instruct the innovative teaching techniques. These combined elements make elevatED one-of-a-kind.

All trainings include breakdowns of how to present a warm-up, design a class, teach skills, and cultivate the highest level of strength, flexibility and performance as well as and creativity and individuality among students. At each of the elevatED levels not only does the level of skill required to teach moves increase, so does the depth of knowledge.

After passing a practical and written exam, participants receive a certification of completion.