Sam & Lara Intensive weekend

Samantha Star and Lara Michaels are coming back to studio noXcuse for an intensive pole weekend!!

One weekend – 8 workshops!
You decide how wild you go… 😉


Power Pole with Sam
Achievement unlocked… Pole Ninja. This workshop is all about tricks, spins and some of my favorite combos. Jade split switches, aerial handspring climbs, regular and cup grip phoenix, handstand variations and more!

Pole Technique with Sam
Wax on, wax off… Before you can get to big moves, you have to start with your base and building blocks. This workshop will show you where to start when building up strength to achieve those big moves! I’ll give a few tips on things you can even do at home, so you can get stronger faster!

INVERTable with Sam
In this workshop we will cover conditioning and prep to get you upside down as well as how to stay inverted longer. We will be playing with headstands and handstands, as well as a series of inverted core exercises that are fun and challenging. Being upside down is invigorating and leaves you feeling stronger, happy and accomplished.

Spin Pole with Lara
Harness the power of spin pole! Create jaw-dropping shapes and link them together with seamless transitions. Focus will be on leveraging your lines to achieve your best aesthetic, as well as using the momentum of the spin to create dynamic visual energy.

Pole Fluidity with Lara
This static pole workshop will focus on static rotation; on the floor and in the air! In this workshop we will create effortless transitions from trick moment to trick moment, building a sequence from floor to ceiling and back down again.

Heels and Hair with Lara
A heels (and hair whip!) choreography based workshop! Learn a low-flow sequence incorporating static pole rotation and floorwork. Focus will be on leveraging the shoe as an apparatus, learning how to work on the edge of the shoe box, and some flashy acrobatic floor tricks! Minimum 6 inch heel required.

Flexibility Training with Lara and Sam
At some point, you will notice you are having a hard time transitioning between movements, not because of lack of strength, but due to a lack of flexibility. In this workshop, we will be doing a variety of stretches and exercises that will help you achieve the flexibility you will need to get in and out of a variety of positions both on the floor and on the pole. The class is designed progressively, so each student can challenge themselves at a level that works for them that day. Focus will be on active flexibility as well as static stretching, to develop strong, easily accessible range of motion.

Saturday 16/11/2019
10u30 – 12u00 * Invertable – Sam
13u00 – 14u30 * Spin Pole – Lara
15u00 – 16u30 * Pole Technique – Sam
17u00 – 18u30 * Flex – Lara

Sunday 17/11/2019
10u30 – 12u00 * Pole Fluidity – Lara
13u00 – 14u30 * Power Pole – Sam
15u00 – 16u30 * Heels and Hair – Lara
17u00 – 18u30 * Flex – Sam
18u30 – * Pole Jam – all together


1 workshop: €65
2 workshops: €110
4 workshops: €180
8 workshops/ weekend: €320
Jam €15 (free if you join us all weekend)

Subscription: Fitmanager

Warning. Subscription is final. By participating in workshops organised by Studio noXcuse you agree to the studio’s terms and conditions. No refund is possible.