Maandelijks acroyoga op zondag

We continue the monthly classes acroyoga with Katherine and Marion on Sunday 14u00 – 17u00.

Sunday 11/02, 4/03, 29/04, 27/05 and 24/06.

*** 5 Class AcroYoga Series for Intermediate/Beginner Levels ***

Marion and Katherine continue with a second workshop series this Spring! Join us for inventive variations, challenging new transitions and techniques to make it ‘flow’ in Acroyoga.
This series starts with basic principles and transitions, to refine your partner communication techniques, and as the season goes we will build on previous principles… however because we work also with the ‘drop-in’ system each workshop stands on its own as well!
We only ask that if you drop in on one workshop or more you have mastered the following:

– bird, back-bird
– throne
– ‘side star’
– jumping into star
– handstand against the wall

**Brand New Beginners are requested to follow the full series, or at least the first two workshops! Intermediate students may pick and choose!

Katherine, a floor gymnast from a past lifetime, now a yoga teacher – she has an additional 10 years acroyoga experience, she has attended the Solar and Lunar acroyoga immersions as well as numerous workshops (with Partner Acroyoga, LIFT Acroyoga, and AcroYoga Revolution) Dutch Acrobatics Convention and Extreme are on her yearly to-do!

Marion is a professional experimenter! (and soon to be mid-wife!) Learning acrobatics through circus courses and committed acroyoga practice she is a strong lady-base. Inventing new transitions and washing machines and staying unconventional is her specialty!

We look forward to having you join! Please send questions and registrations to info]at]

1 workshop: 40 €
4 workshops: 135 €
5 workshops: 145 €

Inschrijven via mail naar info[at]
Let op, plaatsen zijn beperkt, inschrijving is pas definitief na betaling van het lesgeld.